Saturday, December 19, 2009


Most of the ProMotion staff: Front - George, Wendy and Nicole. Middle - Sarah and Vanessa. Rear - Tom, John and Chris. Laura was off, devising devilish new strategies for No Knees Knockout!

Some key info to take you into the New Year as STRONG as you can be!!
1. Remember ALL those tips and tricks and tactics we reviewed and reviewed and REVIEWED for the Thanksgiving Holiday - they ALL APPLY to this long, extended, two-week festival of friends, family, and over-indulgence. To put it simply: DON"T!
2. Starting right off on January 4th, the complete slate of BHL group exercise classes will be held, in the time slots that you know them. All classes EXCEPT yoga will be in the Fitness Center - Yoga classes will be held in the new "Rec Room".
3. (Yes, there are some classes this week - leading into Christmas - and next week - leading into New Year's).
4. Look for some improvements to the exercise class schedule going forward. For instance - we MAY be adding another 7:30 am "SweatFest" on Tuesdays.
5. The very BEST WAY to make sure your favorite class keeps its place in the schedule is to SHOW UP regularly and bring friends! Attendance counts!
6. Regular circuit classes (with John) on the 21st and 23rd. No circuit classes on the 28th and 29th.
7. Was the BHL Celebration Party fun or WHAT!?!?!?
8. Hard copies of your photos are available from John in the Fitness Center. Also, official "BHL" certificates of completion are available too - we've handed a lot of them out, but still have several. Placed on your desk at work, they might serve as a reminder of your hard work and encourage you not to BLOW IT!
9. The Mini Marathon is full and registration for the 13.1 mile race is closed (the 5k is still open). HOWEVER - if you want to run the long one, LET US KNOW! Wendy and I have always been able to get anyone who wanted it a registration! We also have some exciting training programs to make available to you if you are interested. They are a little unorthodox, but effective!
10. We're looking for special fitness and wellness stories from the Holidays to share with the ProMotion Fitness community. Pass them along to Wendy or John, and you just might find yourself published on the World Wide Web (or at least this little blog). Remember, fitness and wellness doesn't always involve sweat, but it DOES always involve breath.....

John and Wendy

Sunday, December 13, 2009

2624 POUNDS (the devil is in the details)

In case anyone is wondering, that poundage above represents an average of 5.06% weight loss during the 12-weeks of the program at RCI. 

We've already shared that the Overall Winner was Matt Mays, and he was followed by Keith Miller, Christy Mathis and Mary Worden. Rounding out the Top Ten overall were:

James Lewis (work-mate and buddy of Matt "Yellow Team winner, Lisa Adomatis)
Mary Benson (who gave Keith and Christy a real run for the "Red Team" win)
Jacob Roach (who with his wife, Cindy, won the "Buddies" competition!)
Tanya Fields (she returned as a circuit class regular during the program)
Kelly Jones (who discovered she could work SO HARD!)
Danny Dunn (able to stay in the top ten the entire contest!)

In addition to the "Buddies Team" mentioned above, we had "Red", "Orange", "Yellow", "Green" and "Field" teams. Lastly, there was also a chance for one of the participants eliminated along the way to keep after it and win, too!

Field Team Winner: LuAnne Moore

Green Team Winner: Heidi Jungbauer

Eliminated Team Winner: Jeff Thomas 

Red Team Top Ten:
Keith Miller
Christy Mathis
Mary Benson
Jacob Roach
Danny Dunn
Tia Kersey
Gregg Humerickhouse
Ileana Gonzalez
Chad Kestner
Linda Watson

Orange Team Top Ten:
Mary Worden
James Lewis
Tanya Fields
Kelly Jones
Hassen Hammoud
David Olson
Lori White
Doug Charles
Sam Hutchings
Michael Downs

Yellow Team Top Ten
Lisa Adomatis
Linda Rice
Corey Pritt
Kristy Robbins
Julie Wolfe
Mary Ellen Diemer
Sue Goodwin
Tammy Brown
Stacey Clore
Craig Spaid

In the "Team Competition", the Yellow Team won, with an average of 5.45% weight loss. Orange was 2nd at 5.13%, Field third with 4.46% and the Red Team finished with an average of 4.4%. 

And lastly, we had the "Doug Charles Challenge" - everyone who beat Doug in % weight loss earned  "lunch on Doug"! In addition to the top ten overall, Doug will be buying lunch for:
Hassen Hammoud
David Olson
Lisa Adomatis
Lori White
Linda Rice
Corey Pritt
Kristy Robbins

2624 POUNDS!!

That's right - two thousand, six hundred and twenty-four pounds lost in 12 weeks of RCI/ProMotion Fitness' "Biggest/Healthiest Loser"!! So much to share - so many inspiring stories - where to start....

We'll start at the end (alpha/omega, as it were) - below is Coach Nicole and Overall Winner, Matt Mays! Matt lost an incredible 21.47% during the 12 weeks of the contest, 61 pounds. At the very first weigh in, in a moment to ourselves, Matt quietly and confidently confided that he was going to win this contest. He didn't disappoint - and he put in all the hard work and discipline that it took. He used all of the coaches, attended every meeting, and followed the plan to the letter. The plan WORKS. And  "work works!" and "big work works BIG"!

Here is Keith Miller - second place finisher and winner of the "Red Team". Keith withstood a lot of questions and disgruntlement along the way, with several proclaiming that he was "too fit" to participate in the contest. Well - his results show us that even those that are maybe more fit than others can STILL have a ways to go to optimizing their health and well-being. Keith lost 19.51% of his body weight.

Next, we have Christy Mathis, third place overall and first female! Christy was also a "Red Team" member and put in plenty of hard work, too! Let her tell you about how many dress sizes she dropped, and her upcoming bikini shopping outing.

Christy is also standing in front of the 2624 POUNDS of food that RCI collected and donated to Gleanor's Food Bank - one pound of food for every pound lost by the participants in the "Biggest/Healthiest Loser" program. Christy, as well as several others (Matt, Mary Worden, Linda Rice, Mary Ellen Diemer and many more) brought in her own "weight-loss-in-food" to add to the pile of nourishment and nutrition going to Gleanor's.

Next, we have Mary Worden, winner of the "Orange Team" and fourth place overall. Mary really took advantage of the added slate of group exercise classes.


Next up, we have a shot of the entire ProMotion Fitness coaching staff. You just won't find a better group than this one, to do what was done in the BHL program. Heart and soul, passion and energy: They brought it every day.


Out front is ProMotion's "heart and soul" (and co-owner), Coach Wendy. Behind her, left to right, are Coach Vanessa, Coach laura, Coach Tom, Coach Chris, George (who is now qualified to make a living guessing weights at the State Fair), and Coach Nicole.

In the photo below, we have Matt receiving his winner's check from the inspiration and master-mind behind RCI's effort to make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the health and well-being of the workforce at RCI - Mark Koning. 

And we'll leave you for now with this final shot - Matt and his wife at the awards party. The "Biggest/Healthiest Loser" program changes lives - it's not just a weight loss contest. With this one - we make a difference...

Friday, November 27, 2009

An Inspiration!

Please check out the following story from an RCI field participant in the "Biggest/Healthiest Loser" - Some of you may know her:

Thank you for supporting my participation in the Breast Cancer 3-Day. I did it! I gave my heart, soul, sweat and tears for three days. I suffered a shin splint but I kept on walking. Why? ...I walked because my son will never know my Tante Voute. I walked for my Tante Janine. I walked because my friend Jacky always makes me smile. I walked for all who bravely fight this disease. I walked because I could and everyone deserves a lifetime.

It was an incredible 60-mile journey and I have so many wonderful memories. If any of you are familiar with San Diego County here is how it started:

Opening Ceremonies were at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. ....and yes it was COLD!!! ...but we were off and walking to downtown Del Mar, followed by the picturesque La Jolla Shores boardwalk, an Elvis sighting before lunch, SDFD Station #13, balloon bouquets in Bird Rock and homemade treats from Bird Rock Elementary School and a local Brownie troop. After a long day of walking we were greeted at Crown Point Shores where "tent angels" helped us pitch our tents. I heard there was a band playing but I was too tired so I took a hot shower....yes we had mobile showers and towel service available. After that I ate dinner and went to bed. Wow...Friday night and in bed by 8:30 p.m.!!!!

I was up at 5:15 am "ish" on Saturday morning ready to hit the trail again. We walked through Point Loma and saw a Pair Tree (a tree decorated with pairs of breast), passed some beautiful homes and sailboats along Sunset Cliffs. All along the route we were escorted by the San Jose and San Diego Police Departments who rode their bicycles beside us. Plus the many people who cheered us on like:

Smile Guy and his daughter Little Grin, the Dancing Ballerinas sang:

"1, 2, 3 Shake your boobies
3, 2, 1 Keep walking till you're done
1, 2, 3 Shake your boobies
3, 2, 1 We're dancing till you're done."

South Beach Restaurant handed out sodas and Kleenex, "Hugs 4 Jugs" passed out water, the Hookers for Hooters walked the streets, the Titi Tavern passed out special treats, dogs dressed up to support the cure at Dog Beach, cheerleaders welcomed us to the lunch stop and Team Tami showered us with pink Gerber daisies on the way out. Bonita Fire Department showed their support and we got a glimpse of reality stardom at a pit stop with Gillian Larson from "Survivor" and other reality shows. Pit stop 4 featured a free hug fairy, and the San Diego Police helicopter cheered us from the air.

Our final day of walking featured the Madcaps mother/daughter group along the SD Channel Bike Path, Surf Cities National Charity League in Heritage Park, a pink Mission Hills Nursery, Roosevelt Middle School cheerleaders, cheering by SD Enforcer's Football League and a serenade from Francis Parker School students. Our incredible journey ended with a celebratory Closing Ceremony at Petco Park.

Because of your generosity and support The 3 day raised over $9 million to help end breast cancer. For more information about the 3-Day and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, visit

A special thanks to my friends Laura White, Lynne Titcomb, and Felecia Walker who were there to help me with my son Max and encourage me along the way. To my "office husband...LOL", Phil Kasavage who was very supportive of me. To Pick-Up Stix Restaurants (Encinitas, Carlsbad, and Hillcrest locations), Jill @ Encinitas Facelogic, and Annette w/The Pampered Chef, who helped me with my fundraisings. Thanks also to my teammates Suzi and Stephanie...we did it ladies!!!

Thank you all for making this possible. Maybe next year, you can join me!

You are Simply the BREAST!!


Jianie Bernard

Now, here's something you might not know either - we had our OWN, Indy office participant in a three-day, 60 mile breast cancer walk fund-raising challenge:  CHARLENE CHEATHAM!

Hope you're all having a great holiday weekend, and see you all Monday!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hope you're all committing to your soul the strategies for not only surviving but conquering the Thanksgiving holiday, some of which are:
1. Apportion your plate in quarters - one quarter for meat, one quarter for a hearty whole grain, and the remaining half for veggies.
2. Bring your own healthy options - create a new tradition!
3. Be sure to eat breakfast - making yourself overly hungry can really backfire.
4. Add some workout time for days leading up to and days following the "big day".
5. Throttle down the carb intake some for the days leading up to and following.
6. Let your friends and family know your intentions and be specific in how they can help.
7. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.
8. Control portions
9. Go for that special homemade specialty (in moderation) and skip the store-bought posers.

A couple thoughts from John's high school track coach (Marshall Sellers - Elkhart Central) - 
a. Work works - doesn't get much more simple nor direct than that.
b. Big work works big - duh!

Don't Forget! Biggest Loser Bill Germanakos will be on the NBC morning show tomorrow!! And he will be in a segment on Wednesday evening's "Biggest Loser" where-are-they-now special.

Some Highlights and Key Points from this evening's NBC "BIGGEST LOSER" episode:
1. Amazing progress seen in the gym as the contestants lifted weights and ran at speeds that put them over the edge at the start, but which they handle EASILY now - I bet many of you have your own similar story? 
2. The product plugs on the show are not very classy. All I should say about that.
3. So, did the challenge on the football field remind you of the group discussions we had two weeks ago - pretty amazing, don't you think? I mean, do you think we consulted the producers or something? Maybe ProMotion Fitness is consulting with NBC on the side?
4. It was said that one in three kids in the US are obese. Man - we need to DO SOMETHING! Take what you've learned in the BHL and from your coaches and share it with ALL your loved ones! And take those kids out for a long, fast walk.
5.  Y'all  heard Danny's song, right? Well, did you know he played bass for Donny Osmond once upon a time? That's right - former profesional musician.
6. OKAY - the suspense is over. Wendy and John had dinner with Allen last Wednesday - and now we know he will not be the WINNER of this season - but I gotta tell you, the guy is flat out AWESOME! BTW, he's not only a fireman, but also the Bartholomew County coroner. A political office.....

okay, that's all I got - signing'll have to tell me about Allen on Leno tomorrow.....

Sunday, November 22, 2009


WOW! What a GREAT day in the park! The weather was perfect, the trail pristine, and the company grand as about 40 people joined Coaches Wendy, Brian (Wendy's husband), John, Laura, George and Vanessa. We had children young and not-so-young. We had dogs, we had strollers, we had it ALL!  Following are a BUNCH of pictures, and some commentary.

(Warning - commentary on photos may be 100% factual and accurate, or it just as well might be completely farcical and facetious - readers beware!)

Keith Miller, raring to go - 4th place overall and he's out here EARNING his BIRD!
Coach Brian tried to run hard enough so that Keith couldn't ask too many questions...